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DC AC 12V mit reinem Sinus max 2.000AV

Artikelnummer: PS1000-12

12V max 2.000AV, 10 min 1.050AV, norm 850AV

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professional DC to AC true sinewave inverter


The PS1000-12 and PS1400-24 professional DC to AC true sinewave inverters offer superior performance for a wide range of applications.

Unlike many other inverters, the very clean and interference free output of a Powersine inverter ensures correct operation of sensitive equipment

like displays, test equipment and battery chargers.

The very robust electronic and mechanical design, make the Powersine inverter series the best choice for reliability. Designed for an extremely

long lifespan and protected against short circuits,overloading and high temperatures, a Powersine inverter will deliver trouble free

operation for many years.

The newest available technology results in extremely efficient operation with very low 'no-load'

consumption. The Automatic Standby Function (ASB), standard in all Powersine inverters, will

even reduce the no-load consumption by an extra70%!

All Powersine inverters are easy to install and operate. Each Powersine inverter comes standard

with DC cables, and a very clear installation and operating instruction manual.



-      True sinewave

-      AC output

-      Robust industrial design

-      High surge power output

-      Very efficient Protected against high/low battery voltage, high

temperature, overload, short circuit and high ripple voltage

-      Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption

-      Variable speed fan for silent operation

-      Remote on/off capability

-      Alarm relay

-      Remote control capability via TBSLink

-      Easy to access connection bay for installing AC- DC and control wiring

            1.5 meters DC connection cable included

-     CE certified

-      24 month warranty



Recreational vehicles

Marine applications

Solar power systems

Industrial systems

Mobile entertainment systems

Service vehicles

Remote homes





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